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European citizens, working in BG or unemployed EU citizens
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The following information is with the kind assistance of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and its National Employment Agency.

A European citizen comes to Bulgaria to work with a labour contract
The following is recommended:
Оpinion 1.
1. You have to visit the Regional Directorate of Interior Affairs (Migration Directorate)and fill an application form for a long term stay. The address of this institution in Sofia is 48 Maria Luisa boulevards. For this registration you need to submit the following documents:
- Passport or identity card;
- A labor contract or
- to show your bank account in Bulgarian bank with at least 1500 – 200 euro
- Leasing contract of lodgings or declaration from the owner /tenant of the lodgings altogether with his (hers) ID card.
The same day you will receive a registration document and you have to fill the next document- an application. For the submission of this application you have public fee in size of approximately 50 BGN. Within 30 days you will get a card with an address (registration) and a personal number for a foreign citizen (Verification for permanent stay with personal number of foreign stay).
2. After that the labor contract is finalized (for the registration of the contract in National Revenue Agency, the employer needs a Bulgarian personal number of the foreign citizen- an employee). The employer informs NRA and starts transferring due social security and health contributions.
3. During the gap between the date within the person enters Bulgaria and the date of signing the labor contract, according to Bulgarian law, the person is rated as a “person without earnings” and has to pay him/herself monthly health insurance contributions (currently 16.80 BGN). The transaction of the amounts could be done from any bank.
4. To choose a GP (a doctor), it is necessary to go to the regional Health Insurance Fund and take a form for a foreigner. The address in Sofia is 12-14 Enos str. To get their form, the foreigner needs a personal number for a foreigner. The foreign citizen needs to go a opliclinic or a hospital, where official GP doctors have offices. There he/she should submit the filled form and to choose a GP doctor. The GP doctor has to forward this form in the Health Insurance Fund.
In general as a foreign citizen, we recommend you to have an European health Insurance card. It is recommended, not obligatory.
Opinion 2.
1. The foreign citizen could go directly in NRA- central office. In Sofia it is situated in N10 “6th September” str. , and you need to apply for “a number of a foreign citizen”. The application form could be downloaded from the NRA portal.
The procedure could be done personally or by authorized representative- physical or juridical person, before the foreigner comes to Bulgaria.
2. The foreigner comes to Bulgaria, the labor contract is signed and he or she is dully ensured.
3. The foreign citizen goes to the Regional Directorate of Interior Affairs with this contract and applies for a long term stay (see point 1 above).
4. When the foreign citizen gets an address registration and a personal number of a foreigner, the employer asks the revenue office to recognize the “number of a foreigner” (awarded by NRA) and swap to a “personal number of foreigner” (awarded in the Directorate of Interior Affairs).
5. The foreign person could choose a GP doctor(as above)

Case 2.
If the person is unemployed and needs an address registration very quickly- to go to the labor office , he or she has to go to the Regional Directorate of Interior affairs, to fill an application form (as described in opinion 1, point 1)and then will be issued an “address card of a foreigner” – a paper document with a stamp.

This is the procedure in short. If you need any additinal information, you can contact us via e-mail or you can register and start a discussion here in our forum. Feel free to ask all your questions.

Also there are some other possibilities like:

- european citizens, employed in a country- member of EU to be sent on a business trip here for a period , longer than 1 month. There is also a spciffic procedure and the certifficate A1 is necessary.
- EU citizens could start a Limited company according to BG commercial law and to become owners. Also a different procedure.
- An EU citizen to become a self employed person in BG
- The EU citizen to have a freelance agreement with BG employer,
- etc.

This topic is closed in orgrer to ensure that each different case will be in different topic and all infomation will be in good order.

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Форум за счетоводство - Веста Консулт » Чуждоезични форуми » Forum in English » European citizens, working in BG or unemployed EU citizens
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